The Monorail Proposal

An independent, self-funded analysis of the possibility of grade separated (elevated) public transport. 

Best case scenario:  Developing and effecting such a project would relieve congestion, unlock new economic potential, reduce the  island's carbon footprint and make fast, comfortable transport accessible to all. 


Objectives of the Study*

Assess travel data and identify areas where rapid transit infrastructure could be feasible
Identify urban fabric suitable for the above infrastructure

Design a route based on the above parameters

Choose a suitable technology

Estimate transit times

*The study refers to the work done up to the time of publishing of this website, March 2015

The pages in this section summarize work investigating an over-ground monorail infrastructure in Malta. The documentation includes a literature review, discussion and proposals for a route based on available data and findings from the study. The research was first carried out in preparation of a design brief for a thesis project and later furthered and submitted as a competition entry in TRA-Visions Europe, where the project made the shortlist. The project is still ongoing, with developments often implemented after meetings with different parties. We will continue updating this page and the rest of the website with our own or collaborators' contributions. Please write to us with suggestions