Justin Zarb Is currently reading for a MSc in Integrated Building Systems at ETH Zurich, with scholarships from ETH Zurich (Master Scholarship Programme) and the Endeavour programme. He previously worked at Team 2 Architects, University of Malta. He was active in KTP, and an is advocate for performance oriented design in buildings.

Luke Lapira is currently reading for an MSc in General Structural Engineering at Imperial College London, with  a scholarship from the Endeavour programme. He previously worked as a freelance architect and civil engineer, following several years working with a local steel contractor. His main area of interest is structural design and analysis. He is meticulous and organized in his work, and likes tackling projects with a holistic approach. 

Justin and Luke obtained their bachelor's degree in architecture and civil engineering B.E.&A.(hons.)(melit.) from  University of Malta with first class honours in 2013.  

Neville Zammit works as Economist Statistician at the Central Bank of Malta. He is currently reading for an MSc in Environmental Economics. His interests range from stock markets to sustainable energy. Being an economist makes him keen on anything that provides the greatest benefit at the lowest cost.


University of Malta

Dr. Odette Lewis

Prof. Alex Torpiano

Dr. Maria Attard

Dr Adrian Muscat

Dr. Ing. Saviour Zammit

Transport Malta

Stephen Camilleri

Sarah Anastasi

Peter Paul Barbara

Alexandra Ellul

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Joseph Callus

Stephan Calamatta

Our Friends

David Camilleri, Joseph Galea and Rodney Micallef, with whom we wrote the brief for our BE&A final year project, titled Monorail station.

Theo Cachia, Maria Sammut and  Elyse Tonna

for dedicating hours and some late evenings to helping us put together one of our biggest presentations


Marie-Clare Grima for proofreading this website and several of our press releases

Theo Cachia, previously mentioned, for his design of the Maltarail logo

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